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FY22 EMEA Live Webinar Series: Fundamentals of USP Biologics


Safeguarding the quality of medication is fundamental to protecting the public's health, especially as ingredients and products come from all over the world.
Biologics are growing faster than any other segment of medicine. Just as they do for chemical medicines, manufacturers must ensure the purity and quality of the biologics that make their way to patients.
USP quality standards serve as the foundation for a robust safety network that assists manufacturers by increasing predictability and reliability and preserving the integrity of the global supply chain. This Webinar aims to provide fundamentals on USP’s activities and resources in Biologics.

Agenda Topics:

  1. 1. Introduction to USP (Organization, Mission)
  2. 2. Standards in Biologics (Strategy, Scope, Standard development process, Common compendial tests)
  3. 3. resources (Biologics Home page, Newsletters, Events, FAQ’s, Expert Committees)
  4. 4. Product & Services (USP-NF, Education)
  5. 5. Covid 19 (Toolkits, vaccines)


  • Nikhil Rautela: Senior Scientific Affairs Manager-Biologics 
  • Benoit Rime: Senior Strategic Customer Development manager