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Lithoz at IDS 2023: Premiere of 3D-Printed Lithium Disilicate Restorations, Jointly Developed with Ivoclar

  • At IDS 2023, Lithoz will present lithium disilicate for dental ceramic 3D printing, jointly developed with Ivoclar
  • This material, based on IPS e.max lithium disilicate powder, will open up a long-awaited path to the series production of patient-specific, all-ceramic dental restorations
  • Further innovations shown feature a bioresorbable hydroxy apatite jawbone and serially 3D-printed dental implants made of zirconia (TZP-A) or alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ)
  • With Lithoz LCM technology, highly complex and ultra-fine ceramic structures unattainable with conventional processes can be produced

At the 100 year anniversary edition of IDS – the top global trade fair for the dental community – Lithoz GmbH, world market and technology leader in high-performance ceramic materials and 3D printers, will unveil their new lithium disilicate material for dental 3D printing, jointly developed with Ivoclar, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for esthetic, high-quality dental applications.

The 3D-printable lithium disilicate is based on IPS e.max lithium disilicate powder and opens up a long-awaited path to the patient-individual serial production of high-profile all-ceramic dental restorations. Veneers as thin as 0.3 mm and crowns with high levels of detail especially at the occlusal surfaces reaching sharp and natural representation of the features combined with natural translucency, lithium disilicate dental restorations can finally be fabricated in scalable yet individual series production. In a single print run, a multitude of patient-specific restorations with exceptional aesthetics can be created.

At the Lithoz booth, visitors can thoroughly examine those fascinating restorations by themselves and will be informed about the status of the project in detail. The USA will be the first market where the lithium disilicate products will be available to customers after approval.

Further ground-breaking dental applications made possible by the impressive precision of LCM technology and on display at IDS include a bioresorbable jawbone (hydroxy apatite or tricalcium phosphate) and additively serially manufactured dental implants made of zirconia (TZP-A) or alumina-toughened zirconia (ATZ).

Thanks to its high-precision resolution and the use of precisely matched ceramics, Lithoz's stereolithography-based LCM 3D printing process enables the construction of highly complex and ultra-fine ceramic structures that were previously considered unattainable with conventional processes. The CeraFab System S65 Medical 3D printer, which was specially developed for the dental and medical sector, combines for the first time the extensive design freedom of 3D printing with the outstanding properties of ceramic materials, thus meeting the high demands of the dental sector.

About Lithoz GmbH

Lithoz is the world and technology leader for high-performance ceramic materials and 3D printers. Founded in 2011, Lithoz is committed to breaking the boundaries of ceramic production and supporting customers in expanding the manufacturing opportunities for the ceramic industry. As an innovative specialist for the high-precision ceramic 3D printing of complex dental and bioresorbable medical applications, Lithoz was also the first system provider worldwide to successfully develop high-end dental ceramics for 3D printing. The company has an export share of almost 100%, 150 employees and 4 different sites worldwide. Since 2016, Lithoz has also been ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Lithoz PR Contact:

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About the Ivoclar Group

The Ivoclar Group, headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of integrated solutions for esthetic, high-quality dental applications. In, 2023, the company proudly celebrates its 100-year anniversary under the theme of “A Century of Innovation”. The company’s success is based on a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services, strong research and development capabilities and a clear commitment to training and further education. The group of companies, which sells its products to around 130 countries, has 47 subsidiaries and branch offices and employs roughly 3500 people worldwide. More information about the Ivoclar Group is available at

Media contacts within the company

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