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Marinomed Biotech AG enters Solv4U R&D collaboration with Brazilian pharmaceutical company Aché Laboratórios

  • Marinomed will apply the Marinosolv solubilization technology to improve target compounds with the goal of developing products with differentiated pharmacological profiles
  • The project covers the proof-of-concept evaluation and future development of selected products with exclusivity rights for Aché in Latin America
  • Second long-term partnership for Marinomed’s Solv4U business area to generate royalites after successful market entry

Korneuburg, Austria, 25 April 2024 – Marinomed Biotech AG (VSE:MARI) announces the establishment of an R&D collaboration under its Solv4U platform with Aché Laboratórios Farmaceuticos S.A., one of the largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies in Brazil. Aché is known for its leadership in prescription medicines, and its commitment to developing innovative solutions for unmet medical needs. Through its Solv4U partnership program, Marinomed offers its proprietary Marinosolv solubilization technology to customers from pharma and biotech to address solubility and bioavailability issues and support the formulation development of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The scope of the collaboration is to assess the Marinosolv technology in selected molecules with the aim of achieving products with improved pharmacological profiles, enhanced solubility, and lower dosages. Aché will have exclusive rights to apply the Marinosolv technology to the targeted compounds, which are intended to be further developed and marketed as pharmaceutical products under Aché's trademarks in the LATAM region. After successful market entry, Marinomed will benefit from royalties on sales of the products in the Latin American growth market. The agreement also includes provisions for both parties to exploit the potential of these products in ex-LATAM territories, based on the successful completion of the R&D feasibility stage.

Cornelia Siegl, Head of Solv4U, commented: "We are excited to embark on this journey with Aché and look forward to the collaboration on this Solv4U project with such an innovative partner. The conclusion of a further long-term Solv4U partnership shows that low drug 2 solubility and bioavailability are still one of the biggest hurdles in drug development and that innovative solutions like ours are urgently needed. The Marinosolv technology has proven to be successfully applicable to a wide range of pharmaceutical compounds not only in our own product development but also in various partner projects."

Andreas Grassauer, CEO of Marinomed, added: "Following the Solv4U partnership with our Shanghai-based partner SPH Sine Pharmaceuticals last year, the cooperation with Aché Laboratórios is another important milestone in Marinosolv's success story. We look forward to working closely with Aché for the next years in the dynamic growth market of Latin America. Technology partnerships like that accelerate the transition from research to commercial application. We are excited to further expand our Solv4U business in the future and to improve the efficacy of active pharmaceutical compounds with our innovative Marinosolv technology."

Hatylas Azevedo, R&D Director of Aché, said: “We're excited to collaborate with Marinomed to investigate the potential of the Marinosolv technology on increasing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of first-line treatments for prevalent diseases. Aché's experience in the R&D and commercialization of innovative medicines will teamwork with Marinomed’s know-how and cutting-edge technology for developing differentiated products that address important unmet medical needs.”

About Aché Laboratórios Farmaceuticos S.A. Aché Laboratórios Farmaceuticos S.A. is a reputable Brazilian pharmaceutical company established 57 years ago. Renowned in the fields of prescription and specialty medicines, it stands as one of Brazil's largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies. Operating from five industrial facilities, Aché manufactures a wide array of pharmaceuticals, including solids, liquids, semi-solids, parenteral drugs, antibiotics, and contraceptives. The company boasts a workforce of around 5,000 employees and maintains a portfolio comprising over 300 branded products spanning various therapeutic domains, being the leader of Respiratory care in Brazil. Recognized by its innovation and quality, Aché has been recognized as the most innovative company in the pharmaceutical sector. Nearly 350 personnel are dedicated to R&D activities such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical sciences, preclinical and clinical development, alongside a business development unit focused on fostering partnerships. In recent years, Aché has introduced numerous groundbreaking products and forged global collaborations with prominent biotech and pharmaceutical firms, aiming to pioneer novel compounds, fixed-dose combinations and innovative dosage forms and technologies for addressing diseases with substantial unmet medical needs.

About Marinosolv®: 

Marinosolv® is an innovative technology platform that enables the solubilization and enhances the bioavailability of small molecules and peptides that are hardly soluble in aqueous formulations. Consequently, new treatments of a multitude of diseases can be envisaged. The use of the Marinosolv® technology can facilitate efficient drug delivery with a low systemic off-target activity. Existing drugs and off-patent active ingredients can be improved and re-patented as part of new formulations using Marinosolv®. Under the brand Solv4U, Marinomed provides Marinosolv® formulation development in technology partnerships for active ingredients at all stages of drug discovery and for lifecycle extension. For more information on Marinosolv® or Solv4U, please visit Scientific publications on Marinosolv® can be accessed in the “Immunology” tabs at

About Marinomed Biotech AG 

Marinomed Biotech AG is an Austrian, science-based biotech company with a growing development pipeline and globally marketed therapeutics. The Company develops innovative patent-protected products in the therapeutic areas immunology and virology based on the platform Marinosolv® and the virus-blocking activity of Carragelose®. The Marinosolv® technology improves the solubility and bioavailability of hardly soluble compounds and is used to develop new therapeutics for autoreactive immune disorders. The virology segment includes Carragelose®-based over-the-counter (OTC) products to prevent and treat respiratory viral infections that are partnered in more than 40 countries. The Company is headquartered in Korneuburg, Austria, and is listed on the prime market of the Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE:MARI). For further information, please visit:

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