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ViennaLab Diagnostics partnered with Euformatics and Oncompass Medicine to win a major contract for a liquid biopsy NGS solution


The new year has started and we jumped into it with a new pre-commercial procurement contract for an R&D service from leading European oncology centers.

About the project

In Autumn 2022, we participated in an open market consultation initiated by major European hospitals and oncology research centers* to establish an innovative approach for the unmet global need in oncology which is to profile multiple tumors in the least invasive but the most comprehensive way possible. The first phase of the project started in February 2023 and will be subsequently evaluated in Q2 2023. The three strongest applications will be chosen for Phase 2. The pre-commercial procurement consists of three competing phases and is expected to run until 2025, with a total of 7 million Euro contract to be funded**.

Our team – the HUFIAT Cancer Liquidation consortium consists of experts in human diagnostics – ViennaLab Diagnostics, bioinformatics – Euformatics and artificial intelligence and reporting – Oncompass Medicine. We were pleased that our expertise was recognized as we were among four selected parties for the Phase 1 of this exciting procurement.

HUFIAT Cancer Liquidation Consortium: on a mission to detect the impossible

Small pieces of fragmented DNA circulate freely in everyone’s bodily fluids, e.g., blood. These can originate from normal dying cells and also be shed by cancer cells thereby providing valuable diagnostic information. Imagine being able to detect these rare and not abundant particles efficiently by taking just a few milliliters of a patient’s blood. Then you can effectively predict the best treatment specifically targeted to the genetic profile of the individual patient. Sounds impossible? We strongly believe it is possible and together with Euformatics and Oncompass Medicine embark on this mission to deliver a state-of-the-art product for precision oncology funded by the oncNGS PCP. We aim to establish an efficient, reliable, sensitive, flexible and affordable method that will be accessible to everyone.