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Piur Imaging Launches PIUR tUS Infinity 4 for Thyroid: A New Benchmark in Tomographic 3D Ultrasound Technology


In an exciting development for the medical imaging sector, PIUR IMAGING, Europe's premier provider of independent tomographic 3D ultrasound solutions, proudly announces the release of the PIUR tUS Infinity 4 for Thyroid. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant advancement in the capabilities of tomographic 3D ultrasound imaging, setting new industry standards for speed, precision, and user experience.

The PIUR tUS Infinity is an add-on solution for any standard ultrasound system that utilizes innovative sensor technology to provide diagnostic tomographic 3D imaging with any transducer. With a single transversal sweep, an entire thyroid lobe can be captured in a volumetric dataset. Computer-assisted analysis tools ensure swift and reproducible 3D-evaluations of the thyroid and nodules, and therefore, reduce the heavy operator-dependency currently present in regular 2D ultrasound scanning.

The PIUR tUS Infinity’s 3D volume acquisitions allow detaching image acquisition from image review, enabling new workflows for ultrasound, that so far, have only been available for other imaging modalities in radiology. Combining local ultrasound acquisitions with central data analysis maximizes patient throughput while maintaining or improving quality of diagnostic results.

The PIUR tUS Infinity 4 introduces some significant improvements over its predecessor:

  • Rapid Tomographic Ultrasound Acquisitions: The PIUR tUS Infinity 4 enables tomographic ultrasound acquisitions at speeds twice as fast as previous models, significantly enhancing patient throughput and diagnostic efficiency.
  • Remade User Interface: A brand-new, intuitive user interface streamlines the diagnostic workflow, enabling healthcare professionals to achieve results with fewer clicks and less time spent navigating the system.
  • Advanced Background Image Processing: This feature significantly speeds up image analysis, enabling faster diagnostics and enhancing patient care.
  • Next Generation PIUR Sensor G3: Incorporating an additional optical component, the new sensor offers increased accuracy, flexible scanning direction, and the convenience of wireless charging.
  • One-click Segmentation of Thyroid Nodules: Simplifying the complex process of thyroid nodule segmentation, this feature allows for efficient and accurate marking of nodule margins.
  • Enhanced Manual Correction Tools: Providing users with greater control over segmentation results, these tools facilitate a more personalized and precise approach to analyzing lobe and nodules.

Industry-Leading Innovation and Excellence:

Milad Mesri, Head of Product at PIUR IMAGING, shared his enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "The development of the PIUR tUS Infinity 4 is the result of extensive research, development, and collaboration with our esteemed partners and customers. This product is a testament to our full commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical imaging. We're excited to offer a solution that significantly advances the field of ultrasound diagnostics."

Robert Bauer, Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the impact of the new features: "The advanced functionalities of the PIUR tUS Infinity 4 not only enhance the precision of 3D ultrasound imaging but also streamline the workflow for healthcare professionals. This innovation is a step forward in our mission to address and adapt to the evolving needs of the medical society."

Availability and Further Information:

The PIUR tUS Infinity 4 is now available for purchase within the EU. This launch marks the beginning of a new era in tomographic 3D ultrasound imaging, promising unparalleled precision and efficiency in patient diagnostics.

Healthcare professionals and institutions interested in exploring the benefits of the PIUR tUS Infinity 4 are invited to visit for more information, including detailed product specifications, user testimonials, and ordering information.


PIUR IMAGING stands at the forefront of innovation in the medical imaging industry, specializing in the development and provision of leading-edge tomographic 3D ultrasound solutions. With a commitment to excellence, PIUR IMAGING is dedicated to improving diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and patient care across Europe and beyond.

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